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“Volunteering for RRW is unique. Each of us plays a seemingly small role, in the grand scheme of the transport, but every one of us is crucial to get the job done. It embodies the concept of teamwork about as well as anything can. It's a small way to make a huge difference, not just in the lives of our passengers, but those of ourselves and each other. We are truly the difference between life and death for these animals.
I love being a part of this group, and look forward to every transport.”
Sierra Y – Ohio

“There are so many wonderful dogs we transported that I remember to this day. Many broken by lifetime of slavery in a puppy mill but even just during those few hours you see glimpses of hope in a small tail wag or lick to the face and you know that they will overcome and put it all behind them. When I share my transport experiences with someone I always remember the little Chihuahua we had on our transport who was found in rural SE Missouri in dead of winter living in the carcass of a deer. Someone just dumped him to die. Thankfully a rescuer found him, brought him to good health, found him a rescue on the east coast. We transported him there and he soon was adopted into a loving home. Shortly after the transport we all received pictures of this dog sleeping with his little girl in her bed having a life that every dog deserves .I also remember a little blind and deaf puppy dumped in a high-kill shelter because of his disabilities. A woman all the way on the east coast fell in love through a simple picture and worked hard to save his life. He was transported by us. He is now a certified therapy dog who visits children with similar disabilities and has his own Facebook page. It truly doesnft get better than this and we had a small part in making it happen.”
Joanna G – Missouri

“Transporting dogs for RRW has changed my life for the better! It's quite the honor to care for these precious furkids that come into our lives on a transport and to know that we were a small part of helping to save lives. When these dogs show their appreciation with doggie kisses and tail wagging, we realize that we truly are the lucky ones. And every once in a while... that really special dog comes along and changes your life forever!”
Denise M – Ohio

“Transporting for RRW has been one of the most rewarding decisions I have ever made. They are not gjusth a group of transporters; RRW is a family, who will welcome you with open arms.

The passion, kindness and concern, and love for the animals, along with fellow transporters, is nothing less than amazing! I can honestly say I have never been a part of such a special group of people, who have created such a unique bond.

As I approach the meeting place on Sunday mornings, to pick up my passengers, it never fails, I begin to tear up. It is truly indescribable the emotions that surface, witnessing the volunteers walking, feeding, watering and showering each dog with an abundance of love and attention.

In the short time I have my passengers, I develop a love for each of one of them, as if they are my own; and once again tear up as I hand them off at the next leg. However, these are tears of joy knowing these precious souls are one step closer to their new, second chance in life. ☺
I could not be more proud to be a part of this dedicated family!”
Sheila F – Ohio

“RRW allows me to give back. I'm in a rural area and I don't much like people – but I love dogs! And I seem to love people who care about saving dogs. RRW gives me the pleasure of being part of a life-saving adventure with others who are just as crazy about animals as I am! The animals I see break my heart, brings tears to my eyes and give me hope. We are truly the link between a needless death and a brand-new life! I can't do much to make the world a better place, but I can help save animals and I can help improve the lives of the animals I move! For this I am truly grateful for RRW and the joy it brings! Especially when I see a dog I moved find a loving and caring fur-ever home. There is truly nothing better!”
Carri M – Ohio

“I have met so many wonderful caring people since I started working with RRW. Being able to help transport animals that wouldn't otherwise have a chance at a loving home is truly one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had. The coordination skills that are exhibited by the people who put these transports together is truly amazing. There are countless obstacles that have to be overcome in order to get these dogs to nurturing environments and it is done through dedication and teamwork. I am so very proud to be part of this organization.”
Leslie C – Massachusetts

“A few years ago I saw a plea for volunteer drivers that a friend posted on Facebook. Now, we are a 5 doggie-family and thought, "What a neat way to help more dogs!" We signed up to drive, thinking it might be a one-time thing and now it has become our regular weekend activity. When our Chevy Suburban didn't seem big enough, we initially joked about buying a bus. Next thing we knew, we bought an old mini-bus! That was January 2012 and our "Doggie Rescue Bus" has since succumbed to engine failure (among a host of other ailments) and is currently parked and awaiting its fate, but we are still driving dogs!! Since November 2011, we have had the opportunity to drive more than 700 pets to safety (mostly dogs and a few kitties) a total of nearly 30,000 miles, and I can't think of a better reason to have spent all those hours on the road.
Rescue Road Warriors have become like an extended family to us, with hugs at every hand-off. On our first transport it was my husband and I. When he deployed to the Middle East, I recruited my mom, my niece, and a friend to take turns helping me out, so I didn't have to drive alone. Now, I think everyone I know knows about animal rescue transporting. I tell them it isn't always easy, sometimes it's very stinky, its takes up lots of time, money and effort; but we get to fall in love every weekend. And that's why we drive.”
Laura A – Pennsylvania


“RRW has been a huge help in our efforts to rescue dogs and puppies from MO high kill shelters and street dumps. If it was not for this amazing group of volunteers and their leaders Kerin and Kristy we would never have been able to accomplish this great mission. RRW are a group of amazingly dedicated drivers and volunteers that have been responsible for saving the lives of so many. We could not do it without you!”
Traveling Paws Rescue – Cranford, New Jersey

“Dogs XL Rescue is a 501(c)3 large-breed dog rescue based in Maryland. Rescue Road Warriors has been a critical link between Dogs XL and our extra large dogs in need in particular puppy mill releases. The RRW leadership is professional and responsible and their volunteers are caring and responsible. We can't imagine a time when we won't be working together.”
Dogs XL Rescue – Baltimore, MD

“Kerin, Kristy, and all of the drivers with Rescue Road Warriors have been absolutely wonderful to work with. They've helped us bring up countless numbers of dogs from the Missouri area. Some even have come from Arkansas! The dogs have all arrived safe and happy to have been on their "freedom ride." They've been able to help us with dogs in varying ages, from a litter of puppies, some with their mama, some without, up to adulthood.

They run this transport group like a tightly run ship. Communication is frequent, I always know where "my" dog is, how they are doing on time, and can communicate with any driver, should I have a need to. I also like that the drivers will post pictures on their Facebook page, so I can see the happy faces of both the dogs and the volunteers! I have even formed friendships with these drivers in Missouri!

I highly recommend working this wonderful group of animal lovers!”
Midwest Labrador Retriever Rescue – Chicago, IL